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Tube Turners

I know, this sounds like an odd post. And it is an odd term for something seemingly very simple. Until now, I had always turned all my tubes (typically, these are the parts of an apron that will become the ties at the neck and back) by hand. Sort of a pain, but when you’re only doing 2-4 it’s fine.

Then I got this big custom order, and my “current project” box was so full, I had to make another one. The second box was full of apron ties only. 40 of them.

You guys. This was going to take FOREVER! So I put it off for several days. I then felt woefully behind. What a cycle.

Then I made this discovery:

If I could edit that picture to have hearts and rainbows and unicorns, I would. But frankly, I just finished turning 40 tubes and I don’t have the time, as I am just caught up on my timeline.

Simple and great discoveries that just make you day are the best.