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April Update!

Just a quick update friends, as to what I’ve been up to lately. Olivia and I went to a wonderful craft fair today (I’ll create another post with my swag soon!) which was totally inspirational.

Recently I’ve made several different apron patterns and altered a dress pattern. I just finished an adorable dress for my contest winner! Some of my etsy listings have expired, so I’ll be retaking some photos and relisting soon! I’ve got several things in the works for the shop so keep an eye out 😉

SO. Here are some of my recent creations, enjoy!

Spring Forward

Actually, springing forward sucks. I’m exhausted! SO. Here is a photo post of what I’ve been up to lately! Enjoy!

Busy Bee

I’ve been busy lately! I’ve gotten a number of requests for aprons, so that’s what I’ve been focusing on lately. I’m switching between computers right now so no pictures to post at the moment, though there are some new ones up on my facebook page!


I sent out the awesome blue and gray toddler dress yesterday, and am sending out an apron on Monday in this incredible orange and cream fabric. I’ve got some super cute mama and daughter aprons that are nearly finished! After that I’ve got four more aprons and another toddler dress to make. Oy. Sorry etsy shop, you’ve been neglected lately!

My poor little peep has an ear infection, so that has kept me busy as well. I’ve also been asked to start blogging for another larger (already established) blog, so sort of busy getting that started up! So things are good, busy, creative… it’s nap time which means it’s mama’s sewing time!

What I’ve Been Up To

Hi friends. I’ve been busy lately on several different projects. I finally got an apron listed in my etsy shop, yay!

I also did this amazingly cute custom order, a sweet dress in 18-24 months size. It turned out great, although it’s been one of my more difficult projects to date.

Now I’m working on an adorable set of mama and daughter aprons. I’m trying out a new pattern so we’ll see. I love my first apron pattern, but a little variety is nice too. I’ve also got a couple full size aprons coming to my etsy shop in the next week or so. A little preview…

AND I’ve started working as a contributor on another blog. So yeah, busy! O and I had a great week, we had a great playdate and enjoyed some time in the snow. Life is good.