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Yardsale Score of the Century

Several weeks ago, on my husband’s birthday of all days, I made a fabulous discovery. Tons and tons of amazing vintage fabric, mostly from the 60’s I think, that was just in perfect condition. The lady selling it was a seamstress for a company here in Maine years ago but doesn’t do much sewing any longer. We talked about sewing and what we liked to make as I made my way around the table filling my arms with fabric. She then sold it to me for $1 per yard!! So I bought 17 yards. Of course.

Here are some of my favorites. I have no idea what to do with any of these yet, some of the fabric is seersucker and this really thick cotton. And the purple with orange hounds-tooth?! Killing me!


I’m open to suggestions!

xx, Love & Rock!

Digital PDF patterns

I’ve recently discovered Miss Anna DePew from A Few Threads Loose has taken amazing vintage patterns and updated them, creating .pdf patterns from them. Since the patterns are past their copyright, any clothing made from one of these purchased (not copied – we must support people like Anna who make these amazing patterns available!) can be sold without violating copyrights!

So! That leads me to two things. The first is that if you peek at Anna’s blog, etsy shop, or facebook pages (here and here) you’ll get a little preview of what I have coming in the Punk Rock expansion!! Secondly, Anna is hosting a giveaway on her blog while she is here in the States. I’ve purchased four of her patterns and love them! Check out her blog for a chance to win one, and browse through all the cool things she has to offer!