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A Little Revamping…

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the niche of punkrockpigtails… I love making a variety of things and don’t want to limit what I create in any way. And I’d also like people to stay interested! In the coming weeks, look for some items that really exemplify what I love about creating my own things: modern rockabilly style with a little retro chic! I’ll keep making things for all ages; aprons and clothes that are a little unique and alternative!

Also! I’m finally making something for myself!! A rockin’ apron to match my new kitchen! Pictures to come!


Oh dear…

So. I sent off some packages yesterday, the first of my creations heading out to new homes! The bad news? I forgot to take really great pictures! Hubs took a couple shots of me wearing the apron I made with my iphone. It was at night, with the tv on, and my kid had a big pile of fluffy toys in the background. C’est la vie, I guess, so here’s what you get! Please ignore my pajamas as well.


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The cool thing about this apron is it is reversible, so both fabrics you see are the same apron! Back to work for now, friends 🙂