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So Many Happenings, So Few Updates

Hello friends! I realize it’s been awhile since my last update – I think once I get behind on blogging it becomes increasingly difficult to find a moment to sit down and actually update!

In an effort to keep things brief, I’ll start with my most exciting PRPT news first! My designs are now being sold in a new brick and mortar store, Downtown Handmade & Vintage, right above the amazing Forage Market on Lisbon Street in Lewiston (Maine, for any of you non-local kids)!! So the store is amazing. I stopped in the week before the grand opening and finally got a chance to look through some of the fantastic stuff other local artisans are creating. This movement is really up-and-coming in this part of central Maine, and it’s been my experience that people in this area are really excited to support local businesses.

As a result, I am woefully behind on an etsy update. I’m going to try (TRY!) to work on that today sometime this week. I’ve got some adorable dresses cut that would be perfect for Easter, and I’ve also got both toddler and adult finished skirts to photograph and list!

Miss Olivia is happy and lovely. In fact, after the first 2 sleepless years Liv is the most amazing 3 year old. Aside from being completely sweet and polite, she also sleeps like a log. Her preschool playgroup has been the most amazing experience for her, she is much more outgoing and social (but still shy enough that I haven’t had to worry about “stranger danger”). I love watching her grow; I’ve probably said this at every point in her life but, I LOVE this age. Sure, 3 has its moments, but last night at dinner Liv totally enamored the couple next to us as well as out waitress, who complemented J and I on having one of “the most well-behaved children” she’d seen. I actually have to go wake her up for school in a few minutes – I always laugh because she’ll ask for “a few more minutes please!” whenever I go in, little teenager.

Liv also spent her first night away from home recently. She went to my Mom’s house for the night and following day while I had a tattoo appointment. She’s just growing up so fast… I mean really, she didn’t want to come home! On one hand, I love the relationships she has with her grandparents (near and far) because it has reminded me of how much I enjoyed spending time with my grandparents when I was young. Particularly my Mom’s Mom, who passed away when I was 8 but I’ve always felt her presence. On the other hand, I think Liv’s night away was harder on J and me than anyone else!

While most of the past couple months have been filled with good news and great events, on February 6th we lost our dog Gordon in a tragic and very unexpected accident. He was only three and I’ve mourned and missed him very much over the past two weeks. He was a funny pug and bulldog mix, which made him a giant, hyperactive lap-dog. He always went nuts whenever people came over (or walked by, or the animals on television – even cartoons) but he was so calm and gentle with Olivia. He was also my protector. He would throw himself between me and other rambunctious dogs or potential threats, once standing off with an opossum. More importantly, he knew my emotions and during difficult times he wouldn’t leave my side. I’m so thankful that I spoiled him during his last few days, letting him sneak up on the couch or the bed, playing ball and practicing training exercises with apples, letting him lick the ice cream container before I threw it away… Tate has mourned him right along with me. I’m still quite sad but finding myself able to remember the things he used to do and laugh. Healing is a process, and I’m realizing that silly-ass dog taught me a lot.


How’s that for an update? I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

love & rock

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Many women approached me during the last couple craft shows and said if I made the exposed waistband skirts in women’s sizes they would totally buy one. (Why should kids have all the fun right?)
Introducing Punk Rock Pigtails women’s Exposed Waistband Skirts!

Thanks to the lovely re-nest studio and EtsyMom Team!

So remember that EtsyMom Team challenge I wrote about a few weeks ago? I actually got 2nd place!! I was so stoked and had so much fun doing that challenge that winning 2nd place was just icing on the cake. AND I got to pick something from one of the generous shops from the EtsyMom team as a prize (I got a prize! How cool is that?!)

So I chose a lovely piece from the re-nest studio to hang on my wall, and it just arrived! Check it out:


And where it’s hanging:


Pretty awesome huh? I’m in love with the other items in the re-nest studio’s shop which you should totally check out! Seriously, simple, clean, and unique. I love it!!

Etsy Mom Team Color Palatte Challenge!

I jumped in on this challenge at the very last minute, and October 9th is sneaking up very quickly!

The Etsy Mom team is hosting a challenge using these colors as inspiration for a handmade creation. Using honey gold, pink flambe, and titanium I’ve got something awesome in the works. Here’s a little preview!


That plaid right?! It might be difficult to tell from the teaser photo but the colors within the plaid are actually honey gold, a bright pink and titanium. I’m glad I bought several yards so I can make a little something for myself. The challenge allows for two enteries per shop, so I might be making another one as well. Winners are chosen based on the number of votes an entry receives on October 14th – 19th on the EtsyMom Facebook page! So come vote friends! Don’t worry I’ll remind you.

Liv has a fever today so we’ll be hanging around the house, hopefully I’ll get a lot done in between snuggles. She does seem to be enjoying my gluten free cookies quite a bit, so perhaps she’s on the mend!


Okay so I feel like I have loads to post and not enough time to post it. I realized this week that perhaps that is because I have too many blogs. Sewing, personal, my child, etc. So  starting now, I’m going to post all my sewing, crafting, creative, and general life stuff here.

Not to worry, lots of my life is about sewing, so there will still be a healthy dose of that. And hopefully it’ll be more interesting along the way! By interesting I mean making a million jars of pickles and jam and growing flowers.

I’ve had the opportunity to update my shop a bit, since Liv has been in preschool twice a week! I’ve been into bubble dresses recently and have been updating my stash for an upcoming craft fair. I’ve also done a couple custom orders, and sent my second set of bloomers to Australia! Two different people by the way, it’s intersting who happens to stumble across your shop.

Anyway, more about craft fairs and team challeneges coming soon ❤

Summertime and the Livin is Easy…

But getting time to sew certainly isn’t! Not only have I developed a serious flower and vegetable garden addiction, but I feel beyond guilty staying inside on a gorgeous day with Liv. 

That said, I have been working on a few little things here and there. I’ve started my project for the handmade exchange with this amazing Riley Blake Ombre Dots fabric mixed with some gorgeous vintage fabric I picked up at a yardsale recently ($1 a yard! It was insane!).



I also revamped some of my earlier finished projects. My old sewing machine didn’t always create the neatest and tightest hems that my new machine does (and I’ve gotten a little handier myself). I’ve started doing some of my own embellishments and using contrasting thread, double and triple stitches along hems, and having a little creative fun. I did a little of that for a dress I’d made early on in my etsy days, and added a pair of bloomers for the gal who purchased it. Turned out pretty cool! 



Oh and I made this romper for a friend! The blue with white ruffles was designed for her, but the cupcake pattern will be up in my shop very soon!





Love & Rock friends! 



Eleven Things

Traci at Traci Talks Back Tagged me! This is my first time being tagged, so I’m pretty stoked!

Random picture of me…


Random 11

  1.  I like to indulge on good coffee and good beer.
  2. I’m secretly really really excited that the cartoon gods have remade My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake, two of my toddlerhood favorites that my daughter now adores!
  3. Although we lead a pretty low-key and laid-back life, my husband and I always have one super crazy dramatic event happen each year. We call it our family curse!
  4. Although I always enjoyed crafts, I didn’t know how crafty I could be until I became a mom.
  5. Traci says she always wanted to be “A Mommy”, well I have a Dr. Seuss book you can write in from when I was about 3, which indicates I always wanted to be “A Bunny”.
  6. I have quite a few tattoos, and it drives me nuts when people ask what each one means. For the most part, they mean art. 
  7. I had short, pixie-style hair from about 17 to 27. My hair is currently the longest it’s ever been in my adult life.
  8. I turned 30 this past year, and it is SO much better than 20!
  9. I love bananas but I hate banana flavoring.
  10. I love that skinny jeans are widely available and popular now, because I can finally wear flat shoes (Toms!!!) and not ruin the bottom of my pants, or trip in public.
  11. One of my goals is to be a better blogger. I’m currently really sporadic about it!

Eleven Questions & Answers

(courtesy of Traci at Traci Talks Back!)

  1. What is the first thing you do when you get up? go pee
  2. Are you where you wanted to be when you grew up?
  3. If there was a Lifetime Movie about your life who would they cast to play you?
  4. Morning person or Night Owl?
  5. Coke or Pepsi?
  6. Dogs or Cats?
  7. Exercise be you HAVE TO or because you actually LIKE TO?
  8. What song currently describes where you are in life?
  9. Are you a morning person or a night owl? 
  10. What is your absolute most favorite meal?? Home-cooked or restaurant, local or destination??
  11. What was your favorite tv show as a child?

My Eleven Questions for YOU!

  1. What is your favorite color? 
  2. What kind of pets do you have, if any?
  3. Do you have any hobbies?
  4. What is your favorite brand of jeans?
  5. French Fries or Onion Rings?
  6. Do you speak any other languages?
  7. What was your favorite childhood show?
  8. Ocean or Mountains?
  9. What’s worse: going to the grocery store on a Saturday morning or waiting in traffic for 30 minutes?
  10. How similar is your life now to the way you’d imagined it would be 10 years ago?
  11. How different is it?

You’re It!!

Jen @ Making A Home And A Family


Handmade Exchange 2012

I really enjoy handmade things, and I am always up for a craft swap with someone. I’m open to trades for other handmade items, which can be especially fun! Last year a status made its way around facebook, promising that the individual would make something handmade for the first five people who commented on said status and send it to them throughout the year. I made this my status, as well as commented on 3-4 other status to receive something back.

Every single person forgot. Including me. I was reminded sometime in December, and finally sent my handmade coasters and bookmarks out in January 2012. Although I was late, I had SO much fun putting these packages together, it was truly gratifying. Instead of using facebook this year, I thought I might have a wider reach (and, ahem, memory) if I invited people to link up on my blog.

This initial post is mostly to gauge interest, as well as gather some suggestions from others. Here are some of my thoughts:
-create something handmade to send to (currently unknown) number of people perhaps quarterly? I could set up reminders via email.
-if you also have a blog and would like to pose this swap to your followers, I will link all participating blogs in the next post, outlining and clarifying how we’ll make this thing work.
-to ensure this really is a “exchange”, the initial poster (in this case, me) sends something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on the post. The first commenter sends something to the 5 people below them, and so on. When there are only 4 comments below, that person sends something to those 4 people and to me. 3 comments below would send to those 3, me, and the first commenter.
-I will definitely post how that works out once the comments are gathered so there is no confusion!
-I’ll collect addresses and information via my email: and distribute them via email as well, that way we aren’t putting our addresses on the internets.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Want to participate? Comment or send me an email!

I’m so stoked! xo!

Bookmarks and Coasters – Craft-It-Forward!

In January 2011, I agreed to participate in “Craft-It-Forward”, where I would make something during the year and send it to anyone who commented on that specific facebook status. In January 2012 I remembered I had agreed to do this, so I got my craft on! I made a set of four fabric coasters, fabric bookmarks with vintage buttons, and a handmade card to go with each. I enjoyed making these so much, I will be listing some on etsy soon! As an aside, anyone interested in Craft-It-Forward 2012?? I might run it through my blog this year rather than facebook, and have it as a craft swap!





A Little Tired Mama Update

You know when you email someone, and they write back, “you sound a little worn out”. Yeah that. From an email! Things are good in our house, just busy. I didn’t realize how much my husband going back to school would put stress on me. Not, stressful stress… more, holy crap I have a lot to do stress! Cooking, cleaning, caring for a wild 2 year old, (ahem, helping my husband with his psychology homework), and sewing. I’m nearly finished with my big order (woot!) and then it’s time for a very long overdue shop update!

I already bought a load of fabric, haven’t done anything with it yet so if you see something you like let me know. Also, holidays are coming, and I can make something super special and cute for your loved one!

And these will become a great set of bloomers, which I’ll offer as a package in my

Sahweet! Hope you all have a great week, happy Wednesday!