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Yardsale Score of the Century

Several weeks ago, on my husband’s birthday of all days, I made a fabulous discovery. Tons and tons of amazing vintage fabric, mostly from the 60’s I think, that was just in perfect condition. The lady selling it was a seamstress for a company here in Maine years ago but doesn’t do much sewing any longer. We talked about sewing and what we liked to make as I made my way around the table filling my arms with fabric. She then sold it to me for $1 per yard!! So I bought 17 yards. Of course.

Here are some of my favorites. I have no idea what to do with any of these yet, some of the fabric is seersucker and this really thick cotton. And the purple with orange hounds-tooth?! Killing me!


I’m open to suggestions!

xx, Love & Rock!

Punk Rock Expansion…

Lately I’ve been thinking about expanding PRPT. Not in the sense that I’ll have more time or resources available (ha!), moreso in finding a niche that is a little more focused and organized. So while I’ll still make all the toddler dresses, aprons, women’s clothes, and whatever else strikes my fancy (bookmarks, coasters, bloomers, oh my!) in my Punk Rock Pigtails store, I’ll be starting a new line of handmade creations! I’ll be creating a secondary store but keeping with the Punk Rock theme. This is still in the development phase so I won’t say too much just yet, but here is a little preview!

Bloomer Sets Are Here!

Remember a little while back about adding bloomers to the as sets of 4-6? Well they’re here! I can take size orders if you see something you like (0-12mos & 12-24mos)! I will be offering the follow fabric sets in my shop for $25-35 depending on the number of bloomers in the set.

I’m very excited about these, they’re so much fun to make! I’m also taking custom holiday orders, let me know if you’re interested!

Summer Solstice!

So this summer has started off a busy one for us. We are in the process of buying a home, which means a lot of the time I typically take for sewing or other creative things has been spent packing, doing paperwork, and obsessively checking my email for good news! We are in the last stages of financing, which means we’ve already done the inspection and all the initial paperwork. It’s just a waiting game now. Exciting! And nerve-wracking 🙂

I have a little work I’ve been doing, these two aprons will be listed in the shop later today! I am also offering handmade jewelry now, my sister is working as my guest artist! Please check out the shop to view them, before I steal them all 😉

I also am working on a custom order of 5 bloomers, headed to Australia! My shop has only been open since December, but I have recently found myself a little discouraged that I wasn’t making any sales (part of that is my own fault, my shop needs updating way more than I’ve had time for the past two months). BUT! This is my first real sale to someone I don’t already know! I’ve finished two pair, and have cut the rest. I’ll be stitching them up tomorrow and sending them off sometime next week I imagine!

And finally, I have cut the pattern for the dress I’m making for my vintage pattern trade! I’ll likely stitch that up at the same time I do the bloomers and send it off as well!

I’m including a few photos of my current fabric selection (although, some of these are less than a yard), perhaps there will be a little inspiration in there! Let me know if something catches your eye 😉

We are enjoying the first real days of summer, I hope you all are doing the same!

What I’ve Been Up To

Hi friends. I’ve been busy lately on several different projects. I finally got an apron listed in my etsy shop, yay!

I also did this amazingly cute custom order, a sweet dress in 18-24 months size. It turned out great, although it’s been one of my more difficult projects to date.

Now I’m working on an adorable set of mama and daughter aprons. I’m trying out a new pattern so we’ll see. I love my first apron pattern, but a little variety is nice too. I’ve also got a couple full size aprons coming to my etsy shop in the next week or so. A little preview…

AND I’ve started working as a contributor on another blog. So yeah, busy! O and I had a great week, we had a great playdate and enjoyed some time in the snow. Life is good.

Kelly Green Retro Toddler Dress – Listed!

Turned out super cute! Kelly green with cream polka dots and cream around the arms, neck, and hemline! Sized 2T-3T. A-line style with a vintage flare.


Please check out my etsy listing! This dress is only $15! I can make bloomers to match for only $5 more! Thanks!

Loving Kelly Green With Polka Dots!

I spent the afternoon working on my next dress, a retro style kelly green with white polka dots. I am loving this fabric! This business is starting to be so much fun, as I am able to nearly complete a project using Olivia’s nap time and after she goes to sleep. I’m building up a nice amount of inventory!

Pictures to come! Check out what I currently have in my etsy shop!

Is there anything you’d like to see? Let me know, I’d love to do your custom order!

delicious new fabric

Being preshrunk as we speak!