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Etsy Mom Team Color Palatte Challenge!

I jumped in on this challenge at the very last minute, and October 9th is sneaking up very quickly!

The Etsy Mom team is hosting a challenge using these colors as inspiration for a handmade creation. Using honey gold, pink flambe, and titanium I’ve got something awesome in the works. Here’s a little preview!


That plaid right?! It might be difficult to tell from the teaser photo but the colors within the plaid are actually honey gold, a bright pink and titanium. I’m glad I bought several yards so I can make a little something for myself. The challenge allows for two enteries per shop, so I might be making another one as well. Winners are chosen based on the number of votes an entry receives on October 14th – 19th on the EtsyMom Facebook page! So come vote friends! Don’t worry I’ll remind you.

Liv has a fever today so we’ll be hanging around the house, hopefully I’ll get a lot done in between snuggles. She does seem to be enjoying my gluten free cookies quite a bit, so perhaps she’s on the mend!


Okay so I feel like I have loads to post and not enough time to post it. I realized this week that perhaps that is because I have too many blogs. Sewing, personal, my child, etc. So  starting now, I’m going to post all my sewing, crafting, creative, and general life stuff here.

Not to worry, lots of my life is about sewing, so there will still be a healthy dose of that. And hopefully it’ll be more interesting along the way! By interesting I mean making a million jars of pickles and jam and growing flowers.

I’ve had the opportunity to update my shop a bit, since Liv has been in preschool twice a week! I’ve been into bubble dresses recently and have been updating my stash for an upcoming craft fair. I’ve also done a couple custom orders, and sent my second set of bloomers to Australia! Two different people by the way, it’s intersting who happens to stumble across your shop.

Anyway, more about craft fairs and team challeneges coming soon ❤

Yardsale Score of the Century

Several weeks ago, on my husband’s birthday of all days, I made a fabulous discovery. Tons and tons of amazing vintage fabric, mostly from the 60’s I think, that was just in perfect condition. The lady selling it was a seamstress for a company here in Maine years ago but doesn’t do much sewing any longer. We talked about sewing and what we liked to make as I made my way around the table filling my arms with fabric. She then sold it to me for $1 per yard!! So I bought 17 yards. Of course.

Here are some of my favorites. I have no idea what to do with any of these yet, some of the fabric is seersucker and this really thick cotton. And the purple with orange hounds-tooth?! Killing me!


I’m open to suggestions!

xx, Love & Rock!

Summertime and the Livin is Easy…

But getting time to sew certainly isn’t! Not only have I developed a serious flower and vegetable garden addiction, but I feel beyond guilty staying inside on a gorgeous day with Liv. 

That said, I have been working on a few little things here and there. I’ve started my project for the handmade exchange with this amazing Riley Blake Ombre Dots fabric mixed with some gorgeous vintage fabric I picked up at a yardsale recently ($1 a yard! It was insane!).



I also revamped some of my earlier finished projects. My old sewing machine didn’t always create the neatest and tightest hems that my new machine does (and I’ve gotten a little handier myself). I’ve started doing some of my own embellishments and using contrasting thread, double and triple stitches along hems, and having a little creative fun. I did a little of that for a dress I’d made early on in my etsy days, and added a pair of bloomers for the gal who purchased it. Turned out pretty cool! 



Oh and I made this romper for a friend! The blue with white ruffles was designed for her, but the cupcake pattern will be up in my shop very soon!





Love & Rock friends! 



Digital PDF patterns

I’ve recently discovered Miss Anna DePew from A Few Threads Loose has taken amazing vintage patterns and updated them, creating .pdf patterns from them. Since the patterns are past their copyright, any clothing made from one of these purchased (not copied – we must support people like Anna who make these amazing patterns available!) can be sold without violating copyrights!

So! That leads me to two things. The first is that if you peek at Anna’s blog, etsy shop, or facebook pages (here and here) you’ll get a little preview of what I have coming in the Punk Rock expansion!! Secondly, Anna is hosting a giveaway on her blog while she is here in the States. I’ve purchased four of her patterns and love them! Check out her blog for a chance to win one, and browse through all the cool things she has to offer!

Liv’s Birthday!

So I’ve taken it upon myself to get creative for Liv’s birthday this year! I’ve been making fabric birthday banners and chosen a mermaid/under-the-sea theme… mostly so there is a color palate! I haven’t finished anything yet, but here’s a start!


A Fun Project!

This doesn’t have anything to do with the expansion I mentioned in my last post, but I did get up to my elbows in tulle and glittery stuff this past week!

I made a birthday outfit for the daughter of a twitter friend, which turned out to be incredibly fun! This included a rainbow tutu, bloomers with tulle ruffles, a birthday t-shirt, and a headband. This likely won’t be something I do regularly (except for making tutus, that was so much fun!!) but I enjoyed doing it just the same!