Merry Christmas!

I have the best memories of Christmas growing up, my sister and I would stay up late together and have sleepovers as kids (and stay up late making drinks into our twenties!). We would get up so early… even as teenagers we were up at 5am.

I have to say, there is no lack of excitement now that I’m a parent. I was the last one to sleep Christmas Eve and the first one up the next morning! When we were little my Mom embroidered our stockings with our name and Christmas scenes. I still have mine and it is one of my most cherished sentimental possessions. I started one for Liv a few months ago (J too, but his still needs work!) and finished just in the nick of time. I used Urban Threads Woodland Wonderland design pack for the base of the stocking and then freehand stitched her name. FYI- if you’ve never been to Urban Threads, they are one of my go-to sites for all things embroidery. I was *this* close to doing zombie Santa. Just saying.

I love embroidery but haven’t shared much yet. I am really stoked with how this turned out, and may be offering some small wall-hangings in the future 😉 Anyway, check it out!




Here are the stockings together, I’ll probably add some lace or piping to Olivia’s as well.


Now onto 2013. I have a feeling that this will be a good year in many ways, but I suspect lots of good creative happenings! Happy Holidays!


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