Okay so I feel like I have loads to post and not enough time to post it. I realized this week that perhaps that is because I have too many blogs. Sewing, personal, my child, etc. So  starting now, I’m going to post all my sewing, crafting, creative, and general life stuff here.

Not to worry, lots of my life is about sewing, so there will still be a healthy dose of that. And hopefully it’ll be more interesting along the way! By interesting I mean making a million jars of pickles and jam and growing flowers.

I’ve had the opportunity to update my shop a bit, since Liv has been in preschool twice a week! I’ve been into bubble dresses recently and have been updating my stash for an upcoming craft fair. I’ve also done a couple custom orders, and sent my second set of bloomers to Australia! Two different people by the way, it’s intersting who happens to stumble across your shop.

Anyway, more about craft fairs and team challeneges coming soon ❤


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Crafty mama, wife, veteran. Creating retro & rockabilly styles for women & kids! View all posts by punkrockpigtails

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