Handmade Exchange 2012

I really enjoy handmade things, and I am always up for a craft swap with someone. I’m open to trades for other handmade items, which can be especially fun! Last year a status made its way around facebook, promising that the individual would make something handmade for the first five people who commented on said status and send it to them throughout the year. I made this my status, as well as commented on 3-4 other status to receive something back.

Every single person forgot. Including me. I was reminded sometime in December, and finally sent my handmade coasters and bookmarks out in January 2012. Although I was late, I had SO much fun putting these packages together, it was truly gratifying. Instead of using facebook this year, I thought I might have a wider reach (and, ahem, memory) if I invited people to link up on my blog.

This initial post is mostly to gauge interest, as well as gather some suggestions from others. Here are some of my thoughts:
-create something handmade to send to (currently unknown) number of people perhaps quarterly? I could set up reminders via email.
-if you also have a blog and would like to pose this swap to your followers, I will link all participating blogs in the next post, outlining and clarifying how we’ll make this thing work.
-to ensure this really is a “exchange”, the initial poster (in this case, me) sends something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on the post. The first commenter sends something to the 5 people below them, and so on. When there are only 4 comments below, that person sends something to those 4 people and to me. 3 comments below would send to those 3, me, and the first commenter.
-I will definitely post how that works out once the comments are gathered so there is no confusion!
-I’ll collect addresses and information via my email: punkrockpigtails@gmail.com and distribute them via email as well, that way we aren’t putting our addresses on the internets.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Want to participate? Comment or send me an email!

I’m so stoked! xo!

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