A Little Tired Mama Update

You know when you email someone, and they write back, “you sound a little worn out”. Yeah that. From an email! Things are good in our house, just busy. I didn’t realize how much my husband going back to school would put stress on me. Not, stressful stress… more, holy crap I have a lot to do stress! Cooking, cleaning, caring for a wild 2 year old, (ahem, helping my husband with his psychology homework), and sewing. I’m nearly finished with my big order (woot!) and then it’s time for a very long overdue shop update!

I already bought a load of fabric, haven’t done anything with it yet so if you see something you like let me know. Also, holidays are coming, and I can make something super special and cute for your loved one!

And these will become a great set of bloomers, which I’ll offer as a package in my

Sahweet! Hope you all have a great week, happy Wednesday!


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