Sometimes I struggle with balance. I truly love sewing and crafty things so it doesn’t really feel like work when I do it. I’m also a SAHM (or a part-time WAHM I suppose!) and have all the duties that come along with that. I worked my entire life until I became a mother, and I can tell you it’s one of the busiest jobs I’ve ever had! Since I enjoy sewing so much, I have occasionally felt guilty taking time out of the day to do it. Is that weird? It feels weird.

Lately O has been “working” with me in the afternoons. I used to utilize her nap time for sewing, but since she (ahem) no longer naps (SOB!) we have had to work out a new sort of balance. She is often content drawing, painting, or playing. There are a number of days when I turn around and find the room turned completely upside down as well! O has been very patient with the work I do; she seems to actually enjoy our “creative” time together and I couldn’t be happier about that!

I have lots of new ideas and updates for the as I finish up the custom order I’m doing for a very cool website. And yet, I just had to sweep the floor for the second time today. And do the dishes, and the laundry, and go grocery shopping. Oh and take care of my two year old. Sometimes it feels like I get work done at a snail’s pace! It’ll get there, and hopefully my house will still be relatively tidy when it does 🙂


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