We’re moving!

We close on the house July 15th. I am omg-freaking-out-beyond-excited-can’t-wait! This is our first home buying experience so as you can imagine it’s a little nerve-wracking and a lot exciting. I am completely filled with anticipation and ideas for the new house… decorating my own spaces feel so much different than decorating the place we rent.

ANYWAY. What all that means is that I will not be taking custom orders for a bit. I will keep my shop open (we’re only moving 20 miles, and I can manage to go to the post office) and complete any orders I have now. I’ll resume custom orders again sometime around August 1st. Stay tuned though, I have a whole room just for sewing and crafty goodness at my new house šŸ˜‰

I have been busy the past few days, at least. I’ll leave you with some things I sent out this past week!


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