Coming Soon!

I haven’t been around much lately, sorry friends! My kid turned 2 and I turned 30 in the past 2 weeks (um. Holy crap). We’ve also had lots of birthdays and holidays which I made gifts for, so you haven’t seen much new in my shop recently! We are putting an offer on a house today (!!!) so that may take me away a bit in the next few months. I plan on really trying to get some new products available in the next 1-2 weeks!

In the works today are several toddler aprons in super cute colors. Look for those in the shop in the next few days.

I am also developing an apron pattern for one of my favorite websites, Not Stepford Wives. Those will be featured in the future, I’ll update you here on the progress.

Finally, I’ve made a super cool trade for a big lot of vintage patterns. Audrey of Little Eye Designs (here and here) noticed my favorites on etsy and offered to trade! So I’m very tentatively planning on some vintage designs made fresh again. Photos to come!

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Crafty mama, wife, veteran. Creating retro & rockabilly styles for women & kids! View all posts by punkrockpigtails

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