Shop Update…

I have a few items to list in my etsy shop in the next couple of days. A tunic, which is finished except for the hem, which I have decided to hand-stitch. Although it takes a bit longer, there is something really relaxing about hand sewing something.

I also have all this wonderful snuggle flannel which I think I will make into little lounge pants. They would be perfect on a day like today, actually, when my little girl is under the weather. Poor baby.

I have several custom order to do, but am waiting for my tracing paper to arrive so I can make the patterns. It will be a bit of a learning process for me in terms of how to alter a pattern to make it a bigger or smaller size. My sizes are pretty approximate, I use O’s measurements to make them (typically I do a little bigger to make the pattern into about a 2T).

I’d also like  to make an apron to put up in my shop. Unfortunately the pictures I’ve taken of the other couple I’ve done do not do them justice. They really came out SO cool, I just really need a dress form I think. The good news is I am working on my photography and really pleased with how that is turning out.

Oh and my business cards should be here soon! Yay!


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